Become a Sparrow

For new models, we work with Little Foxes Model Recruitment Agency. Nate will be your agency contact for Sparrows. Use the contact form at right to make an initial inquiry or you may email Nate directly at

These will be for new video and photo sets made exclusive to Sparrows and the child will be considered a Sparrows model. It should be understood from the first that the child will be filmed and photographed in a number of styles, but only ones in which the model is comfortable. All material produced by us will be compensated and becomes our sole and exclusive property. 

We do not require you to use our photographers. You or someone you've secured can make the material yourselves and provide them to us. We accept both professional and amateur material. Most of our material is created this way, as it allows us to provide models from all over the world. Also, you need to provide the type of content you see on this website. We aren't looking for the typical material. Our models need to be quite daring - that doesn't mean nudity or put into explicit sex scenes, but they do need to be somewhat of a show off. 

We do not accept forced material. Any child you submit must want to participate. We, also, require that you submit a photo of the model holding our SPARROWS brand, so that we can be sure the child is actually available for modeling. You can see samples of those all over our website. 

Most importantly, you must understand and accept that the child model is being presented for view by adults with interests in children. 

For those having already produced videos and photo sets that wish to sell them to us or have Legacy Material that we can add to our collection, you need to contact for submission requirements.