The School is dedicated to promoting and educating about child/adult sexual bonds within the family. Tween and Teen Instructors educate and excite young kids about the taboo subject. QUIK utilizes Pooh's Guide To Seducing Your Parents as the fundamental form of instruction where audio and video classes are used, as well as a number of physical exercises and activities. You'll also find roleplaying videos with child and adult actors and actual family incest couples.   

Kaitlyn Age Loves Playing WIth Daddy

Kaitlyn is a Sparrows model and one of our Queer Incest Kids webinar instructors. She teaches the courses How To Seduce Your Daddy and Being a Child Bride. This stunning teen was 14, when she began her odyssey to have her dad take her virginity. She used the Tease To Please Method to start arousing him - walking around in her underwear, asking for help changing, stepping out of the bathroom nude, increasing physical touch and contact. Daddy got the message and they've been lovers ever since.